• Mass-importing games from Steam into Wikidata

    With help from Facenapalm on Wikidata, I spent some time in early September importing a large set of games from Steam into Wikidata.

  • How I write and maintain type signatures in my Rails app with Sorbet

    Sorbet is a gradual type checker for Ruby, developed by Stripe. It was teased for about a year before release, and after getting enthralled by TypeScript back in early 2019, I eagerly awaited the public release of Sorbet as well. It came out in June 2019 and I adopted it in my Rails app vglist (source code) a few weeks later.

  • Connecting PCGamingWiki and Wikidata

    The founder of PCGamingWiki, Andytizer, asked me to do a writeup on my work importing PCGamingWiki’s dataset into Wikidata. The goal of this blog post is to go through the process of creating the PCGamingWiki ID Wikidata Property, the process of creating the importer, and then to explain the purpose and impact of this project.

  • CSS That Doesn't Suck

    If you’ve ever done web development, or worked with web developers, you’ve probably heard that CSS is the bane of our existance. To the contrary, I’ve actually begun to really enjoy using CSS, it just took a lot of figuring my way around things.