• vglist


    vglist is a Rails application for a user to track their video game library, and I've built the entire site from scratch as a personal project. It pulls data in from Wikipedia's sister project Wikidata, and uses Vue.js for the more advanced functionality of its frontend.

    Creator and Developer

    December 2018 — Present

  • GitLab


    GitLab is a full software development toolkit, complete with issues, code review, source control, and CI - and Community Edition is entirely open source. After contributing regularly for a few months in early 2016, I applied and was accepted for a Frontend Engineering internship. I've worked on frontend performance and security, implementing smaller features and improvements, and upgrading the application to Rails 5.

    Frontend Engineer

    May 2016 — March 2018

  • PCGamingWiki Redesign

    PCGamingWiki Redesign

    We redesigned 'The wiki about fixing PC games' to better adapt to mobile devices, load faster, and improve the overall experience of our users.

    Lead Web Developer/Designer

    February — August 2015

  • ImageHex


    ImageHex is a place to search, share, and commission images and other artwork. I've lead the design and front-end development of the site since its inception.

    Lead Front-End Developer

    July 2014 — March 2016

  • Fiction Dock

    Fiction Dock

    Fiction Dock is a central repository for people to write and share their fan fiction. Fan fiction (per Wikipedia) is 'fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, created by fans of that work rather than by its creator.'

    Lead Front-End Developer

    June — August 2015

  • WavHead


    A relatively simple program to let people vote on music, a 'democratic DJ' if you will. It is hosted on the local WiFi network so only those on the same connection can vote on music. WavHead was built for playing music at parties.

    Lead Front-End Developer

    September — October 2014

  • Steam Redesign Concept

    Steam Redesign Concept

    A conceptual redesign of the Steam client. The redesign overhauls the current Steam client aesthetic with a simpler, more modern design. Note that this is not functional, and was only a concept mockup.


    July — August 2014